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do it 4-5 times like me 8D


do it 4-5 times like me 8D

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Set-Sari (Kerala Saree)

Originally worn by women in Kerala, South India, it is worn as a garment that closely resembles the mundum neriyathum(set-mundu) though it is not considered a true mundum neriyathum by classic definition (the set-sari consists of a single piece of clothing rather than two pieces). It is the cultural costume of women of the Malayali community and thus often referred to as Kerala saree. The grace and appeal of the golden borders contrasting with the otherwise plain white mundum neryathum has come to nationally symbolise Keralite women. Both traditional and modern styles of the set-sari/mundu have gained national appeal as popular decorative clothing.

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Outfits by:Anjalee&Arjun Kapoor 

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[1/4] Bollywood films 2014 

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Pattam Pole (2013) →



Une belle histoire d’amour. Les deux acteurs vont très bien ensemble.

Le film débute d’abord par les deux amoureux s’échappant n’osant pas affronter la réaction de leurs parents sur leur amour.Il va ensuite arrivé quelque chose d’inattendu : une rupture définitive quand Riya voit que…

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